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Michigan AKC Golden Pup
Bathtub obsessed since 2018

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  1. Indira Nunez


  2. Pace's Place

    Yo I commented twice about me being 11 and loving classics, the starting music is In The Hall Of The Mountain King, btw love classics

  3. sumonisal sal

    Tucker are you a good dog

  4. Jersey Girl Reviews

    CUTE content

  5. Mr Cat Meow

    Dose lindy love you? for tucker.

  6. imad faruk

    I searched chimken and found u

  7. Kier Calvin Hernandez

    hi tucker do you like meat.

  8. Sophia TRAVEL

    Do you love my puppy Shelby yes or no

  9. Khieu Sunkasin 8G

    Do u love humans?

  10. Dana Redd

    Honestly he was so happy when he walked in da door XD

  11. Indira Nunez

    Henlo hooman

    1. Indira Nunez


  12. Brady henry

    She’s so cute peal should be my dog and tucker

  13. Gam1ng K!ng

    Tucker: I humps? Linda: No, you can't do that, that would be messed-up

  14. Doggo Boiz

    Wow they are really behaved Dogs my 9 yr old Chocolate Lab very active dog.

  15. Brady henry

    Does tucker pee on Linda’s pillow

  16. Brady henry

    Does tucker poop on Linda’s pillowcase

  17. Ashoo Gautam

    I want this painter as my assistant 😅

  18. Brady henry

    Is Tucker’s birthday in August

  19. K.I.D

    When someone has nothing to do

  20. Brady henry

    Does tucker have a crush?

  21. Ashoo Gautam

    I would always get sick if I have this doctor 😋😋

  22. Shaf Khan

    I’m watching in 2020 I am alone 🥺😓😥

  23. k i n d - b l x z z i n g s

    1:15 *WHAT*

  24. Saranya Maity

    Best QNA on the planet ? 🔥

  25. Ashoo Gautam

    Cuteness has no limits 😋

  26. Pukhrambam Memthoi

    This dog is so cute and funny

  27. Ashoo Gautam

    I could always find Tucker because he is the naughtiest and the most handsome 😄

  28. Pukhrambam Memthoi

    I like it 😍

  29. maddy the Bongs3030

    Does Linda Smell Good

  30. Ashoo Gautam

    I laughed so hard when Tucker woke up 🤣

  31. seetha sundar


  32. Carma Leg

    Il love this dog 😀

  33. Ashoo Gautam

    I love donuts and dogs who wear donuts 😋

  34. Ashoo Gautam

    Cuteness overload 😍

  35. Carros deFuego


  36. Pradeep Joshi


  37. Let’s Trade!

    Ok, when I go to a place with dogs in it, I will bring a cockroach.

  38. Ella Deramo

    does tucker like the snow?!?

  39. Ella Deramo

    does tucker want chimken?!?!

  40. Jagadish jagadish

    Aww cute

  41. melissa addie

    That was funny a dog is sacred of a cockroach 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  42. ALizardWomanFromTheDawnOfTime

    Linda is beautiful

  43. Lisa Chobotor


  44. Kings digital

    I have a pet too but we have seperate utensils for them. I find it gross somehow sharing the same spoon with a dog.

  45. Jacques Cardinal

    Oh my goodness.......this dog is such a cutiepie!

  46. Donrey Mendoza

    Tucker is so cute even though hes still a puppy.. Now:Even more cute.

  47. Glitter Bullets!

    For tucker Do you want Linda to be nice and not stink For Linda Sorry no offense tho

  48. Fire gamer 99

    have you ever been home by yourself? if yes, Have you ever done something naughty and not told Linda

  49. Indrani Chatterjee

    Ooooooh it really melts my heart to watch Tucker...😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  50. Lazuli gaming

    Question: Do you love your fans?

  51. Cute Unicorn

    Is tucker a baby

  52. Parag Gandhi

    1:52 was the reaction I needed, that made my day.

  53. Whitley Rigby

    aw cute

  54. Kyallay Jadenpeace

    Do you want to meet cooper from super copper sunday

  55. Patrice Jillian Cabañero

    2:18 *Tucker Smiles At Her Sister's Near Death* Bubbles: **Am I A Joke To You?**

  56. Stuart Anderson

    Do you love your wife

  57. Bluechanger

    Your dog is the fatest cow I’ve ever seen

  58. Ali Sefa Saruhanoğlu

    For Tucker: Are you like chicken than steak?

  59. HopeDash Gaming

    wow your dog is cute <3 my dog is cute but his so stubborn!! i even did that to him but i used a walking duck... he broke it ;-; HAHAHAHA

  60. Gabrieleplayz Games

    Ask tucker if he wants puppies or hump with journee XD

  61. Juhi's craft

    Tucker do you love linda ?

  62. Elysia X.X.X

    ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

  63. Cherryxblxssom

    I was laughing so hard when Linda asked Tucker that do u want a Sibiling then she siad that someday I’ll have to share love and Tucker said “No Thamks” LIKE DUDEEEEE

  64. lance jojo

    Do no or yes

  65. Jessica Wheeler

    I'm here

  66. lance jojo

    Do you like dog?

  67. Crazykeegan113 Piggy Gaming

    Do you have a secret car

  68. Rhyssa Lapore

    Does Linda like you ?

  69. dbakes80

    For tucker what do you like more chicken or steak

  70. Ashley Cannon

    Tucker does Linda annoy you

  71. David Self

    Did she say the shoes were vegan free?

  72. Lily Miller

    Dos u has a floofer but?

  73. Cheryl Ellaine Chen

    Without all these text in tuckers videos ... it woupd just be another one of those CUTE SMART DOG TRIES HARD PUZZLE . Then the v8d wouod go to those compipations

  74. Espen Ekeberg

    This just made my day

  75. Jagadeesh babu

    I love you Linda.. you are so beautiful..

  76. Mintae SugaKookies

    Tucker's a very ✨handsome boi ✨

  77. Tortoises and dogs

    Tucker how did you get trained

  78. Jagadeesh babu

    Linda u r beautiful..

  79. Taylor Craig

    Do you like Tucker


    My friend -what are you doing ? Me - watching dog's reaction .