My Dog Answers Fan Questions

Tucker Budzyn

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    My Dog Answers Fan Questions
    Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
    Want Tucker to answer your question? Leave a comment below!
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    1. RedRuby Cupcake

      Do you like your eggplant

    2. M Valle

      He soooooo cute 😂 He looking for he wife and crying poor baby.

    3. Maureen Willette


    4. Maureen Willette


    5. Dreu’s life

      Tucker budzyn do u luv treats

    6. Pink_ Pixels

      No other Goldie will have as big as a floof as Tucker’s!

    7. Eden Logsdon

      Do you like to take naps

    8. Wave Music

      Are you annoying

    9. 5,000 subscribers with 1 video

      Do you like Linda?

    10. El papito

      Questions to tucker: do you love your fans ?

    11. Aiden Allston

      Are you a cute dog

    12. Aiden Allston

      Are you cute

    13. Gabriel Garcia

      Question for Tucker, Do you wish Journey was your sister?

    14. Yared Madrid

      To tucker you are happy to be a IRvisionr

    15. Wyatt Crissman

      Does she like other dogs

    16. Seth Kraai

      How are you guys enjoin the new house?

    17. Conor Grier


    18. Greg Robbins

      Do you bark at the TV?

    19. Emilia Galysa

      Do you like Journee more than posie

    20. Deysi Perez

      tucker do you wanna meet santa

    21. MB - 09WS 712528 Fletchers Meadow SS

      Tucker do you like husky's? and other type of dogs?

    22. Heather Patterson

      Is he a big bad boy 🙀

    23. yaliso gioouy

      Tucker looks so professional with his bow-tie

    24. • Shadow •

      Do you like chimkin more thank steak?

    25. Sullivan Ducasse

      Courtney did tucker die

    26. Shadia Alqawas

      Please ask tucker this :what food do you hate the most

    27. Kaitlyn Danna

      To tucker: do you hate butts?

      1. yaliso gioouy

        How do you take to your dog 🐕 haw do you know what he said

      2. Kaitlyn Danna


    28. Teegan Bro

      I have one do you like treats

    29. hobby cookie coolfoxyguy gaming does stuff

      Guys on Google it says Tucker dead

    30. Hazael Gross

      Is linda funny

    31. Vinny M

      Tucker so.cute

    32. Vinny M

      This is so cute😍😍😍

    33. Blake Porter

      Why are you stupid

      1. Leptune 1506

        I'm sure you're so much smarter

    34. Jump Cut Films

      Bruh he's so smart 🤯

    35. kidcop101

      Tucker do you watch mrbeast??

    36. Matthew Elnaggar

      Make a part 2

    37. abe ajanel

      Linda is such a good mom while tucker is being a Mr. meanie to her. But tucker is still such a good Doggo. Question: steak world or chimkin world

    38. Karen Sherman

      Are you cute tuckr

    39. madison english

      Does Tucker really like Journee

    40. ThatPrancingPug

      Such a good dog 🥰🥺

    41. Kathleen Hickey

      How do you take to your dog 🐕 haw do you know what he said

    42. Sean Benitez

      do u like revenge tucker?

    43. Zahar Remond

      Ask hi if he would rather eat vegetables or the tree of doom

    44. Debbie Meredith

      Do you like poop

    45. Fresh SLOTHS

      Are you the most cutest dog ever

    46. Lorena Chavis

      I dare you to kiss your favorite girl you like and then go on a date and then you have children and then you go on her in again and then you have a happy ending and then you have more kids there then

    47. zachary oliynyk

      whos here from the tik tok

    48. Amira Kokeny

      tucker do you want a puppy?

    49. Evelyn Loving

      Is you curious and d you like Linda?

    50. Mimmo Mateo

      Tucker question: if u eat lot of treat u get sicc DO YOU AGREE?

    51. Amira Kokeny


    52. Princess A

      For tukker: did you fart in Linda’s face?

    53. Kristy

      Dos tucker like his dog food?

    54. Ricardo Parada

      Tucker do you like carrots?


      Tucker, do you like steak?

    56. Vibe Roblox

      I love how all the barks sound the same

    57. Daniel Brockman

      LOL!! He’s soo cute!!!! I want😩😩😍😍😍

    58. Fireball Jesse

      Has you ever escaped

    59. TheCookieMaster! Again! The Cookie Master!

      Ask Tcuker this,"Does Linda play with You?"

    60. Frenchies World

      For tucker Do you like baths more then pats? Love you tucker your so cute

    61. Ngaire Renouf

      Do you like to have baths🤔


      Question for Tucker: Do you like salmon and cheese.

    63. Marianela Bulgin

      Dose he poop in the house.

    64. xd Flamongo

      Would you bite Linda?

    65. Acid Man

      This is the most enjoable video i have ever watched sinse i started watching IRvision videos

    66. Gus is awesome videos 800

      Tucker would you rather 100 trees of death or Linda sleep with you

    67. Savannah Whitham

      Do you really like your fans? 🧐🧐

    68. Bao and Pix

      Hi Tucker! I have tons of adventure vlogs on my channel come visit one day!

    69. Ashley Vearncombe

      It sweet to see that the dog misses his dog wife

    70. Tiger Cat

      For tucker: Are you the best dog

    71. Max Anell

      does tucker pee or poop on your bed

    72. Mark Mugendi

      Tucker would like to meet your fans

    73. yeet yeet

      Trucker have you ever pooped on Linda's pillow?

    74. Marianela Bulgin

      Is he poop in the house.

    75. Alivia Barbone

      can i give you all my love tucker :3

    76. Mette Salling

      Do you like eating pumpkin ?

    77. Avery Blaze Paustenbach

      Does tucker hang out with poise

    78. Christie Finch

      I have one Tucker do you like chocolate chip cookies?? p.s they can kill you

    79. The Finnex

      Tucker here's my question: What is your favorite toy?

    80. Ibrahim Mohammed

      Hahahaha lol smart dog wow

    81. Slothi Corn

      Does Tucker like to sniff Journee ‘s butt ? I know that question was gross but please can Tucker answer ? ? ?

    82. Alyssa Veldkamp

      I have questions! 1. Would u eat dog food pizza? 2. Would you like another owner 3. If u had a sister would u hate her?

    83. Danielle Mccormick

      Do you have a wife

    84. Coolgachaboba

      do u like ur human slave linda ? PLS DO MINE

    85. Pink flower rblx

      Do you like your bow tie

    86. Madison Osgood

      Omg 😂😂😂😂👁💦👅👁💦

    87. Sparkle time

      Do you like potatoes? cuz my dog Koko that's a beagle mixed with a chawawa likes potatoes

    88. DMG Autosport Brandon & Devyn

      Poor tuck he misses his wife

    89. Anna Lu

      q:what will tucker do if his wife has a baby

    90. Desi Bokhari

      Do you love your fans tucker!?!?!?

    91. it's Danny

      Does tucker like sour cream?

    92. something cool

      thanks to my cousin I know about this channel people check out luckestconly

      1. something cool

        haha sad to reply to your own video

    93. Ava Giddens

      Are you going to breed tucker

    94. wolf lover

      Do u think u Chucky

    95. Dark Shadow ÙwÚ

      For tucker: Do you text people secretly Who do you love more ur dad or Linda A dare from me cuz yea: Dare tucker go to jorne

    96. Adelle Gow

      There are there are there are there are there

    97. DJ Unbreakable

      My question is will tucker want to do a meet and greet after the whole thing going on

    98. Rosa Mares

      Have you ever seen a....CAT!

    99. Elairis M

      I have a question Tucker would you rather live with Linda or have a whole chicken to yourself?

    100. Horse lover 2020

      I love dogs especially yours